Give up!

Success is waiting for you

at the next TRY!

Each person is UNIQUE. 

 That is their USP! 

This podcast is to raise awareness in the community about special needs, syndromes, and learning disabilities and to encourage and provide tips to affected people to overcome obstacles, keep a positive mindset, and keep making progress. I will share my personal experiences and learnings and invite subject matter experts to share tips as well.


Let us come together and help create a more inclusive and supportive world.





100s of



My Life Philosophies have been featured in "SYZYGYmoments"


SYZYGYmoments is a compilation of quotes, life philosophies, and exquisite pictures from over a hundred thinkers, believers, and leaders across the globe, driven by a compelling desire to bring an idea to life.


SYZYGYmoments aims to ignite the hearts, inspire the minds, and gratify the souls of the readers so that they can channel their intentions and energy towards purposeful action.


Proud to contribute to this inspiring book.