5 Key Ingredients of Success

in overcoming a Challenge


I believe and know from my personal experience that success means different things to different people. Especially for people with special needs, small progress made or some goals achieved can make a big difference. So I created this 5 step formula to bring me success.



People with Learning challenges face various challenges from anxiety to being dysfunctional but sometimes they or their family refuse to admit that they are suffering from a disorder or facing challenges. This creates a lot of pressure because they try to hide the fact that they have a challenge and are trying to appear to be like everyone else while they are not. It is only when we identify and accept that we are facing a challenge that we can move forward in overcoming it.

The next step is TACTICS. No one faces totally unique issues and when the symptoms are broken down, tactics can be created with research, our interactions with experts, and/or with people who have faced similar challenge(s). 


Along with TACTICS, it is critical to have a MINDSET that will keep driving us towards progress. If we give up before we start and not have what I call a ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ mindset, we may not be able to make much progress. It is like always being able to focus on what we ‘CAN’ rather than focussing on what we ‘CANNOT”!


Once, we identify, accept, create a tactical plan, and train our mind to move forward on what needs to be done, IMPLEMENTATION is key. Repeated efforts, creating helpful habits, and staying on course to put the tactics into action in everyday life, again and again, is what will bring SUCCESS. 


Once we find something is working and our plan and action are creating positive results, we need to create a loop of these 5 steps to keep making progress.


I am out to spread awareness about this because I believe that together we can create a more inclusive and supportive world. Do connect with me or leave me a comment if you think you hear something of value in my podcast!

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Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pexels

Me at Mount Ijen, Indonesia. ( It took 4 Hours of climbing in the dark through the Volcanic gases, teary eyes, itching and irritating my throat and fogging my brain - but I didn't give up and kept going one step at a time - to reach the volcano top by sunrise.)

Never Never Give Up!


Did you ever feel hopeless in a situation where if you didn’t succeed the first time, you gave up? Maybe your determination was weak and you were very worried about losing. Each time you lose/fail, you may feel like giving up because you may think that there is no chance for you to succeed in life. You may have got into the "giving-up-is-easy-way-out mindset" because of the obstacles you face. If you relate to this, you may find yourself discouraged after a limited number of trys. In sports, people like Michael Phelps succeed because they are practicing every day and have a winners mindset that they should never give up. If you don’t give up and become positive while giving it your best each time, you never know how much benefit life is going hit you back with (School, Army, Business, Relationships).


The benefit of not giving up is that the reward will be like a "buy one get one free" - means you are aiming for one goal and staying in the game, and then you realize that you are making progress in multiple areas. 


Once you see little wins, you may feel a sense of satisfaction with the amount of work you have put in. On the flip side, giving up will make your life really hard to handle because you will end up being unsatisfied and frustrated. It will also stop pushing your brain to its maximum potential of creativity to match the situation where it is demanded.


Giving up means that you may lose motivation to carry through what you want to do (in my case: Podcasting, Exercise, Dancing). Giving up may also lead to fear eating up every cell of positivity in your brain that was created by you trying new things.


My thinking is that you must never give up. Even though there may be cynics, you don’t need to listen to them because their words may demotivate you and cause you to give up. Once you set a goal, just keep moving forward, people will say what they want to but don’t let it overwhelm you or pressurize you. Stay Positive,  Ignore Naysayers, and Never Never Give up.

Success is waiting for you

at the 'Next Try'  


have you ever thought about how a footballer improves his skill of shooting goals?


They improve their skills by practicing every day to shoot a specific amount of goals (even if an important match comes up) so that they can play without any mistakes.


There is a saying "Try and try until you succeed!". When you try a new skill for the first time, you are going to make a lot of mistakes (which is not a bad thing for beginners). If you try doing monkey bars for the first time you will definitely fall off the bars but if you push yourself to try again (with a positive mindset) you can definitely do two bars because you have the willingness to try and improve.


Cricketers play every day (even if they are not practicing for an important tournament in the near future). They practice every day to make sure that they master their batting, bowling, or fielding skills.


There is a quote from Nelson Mandella on this that I want to share: “It is impossible only until it is done”. Although a task may be really hard, once you try it starts becoming easier the more you do it, so don't be disheartened if you are failing or not quite tasting the success.


To sum it up: success happens at the next try.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Each person is Unique

(That’s their USP)!


Everyone is unique. Our choices, our attitude, our values, and our physical being makes us who we are and this combination can never be duplicated in another person. However, many of us try to be like someone else and that causes confusion for our own self.


Each person on this Earth has a specific talent which is different from other people. While one person may be strong at some skill, another person may struggle with the same. People are unique because they have their own style of doing things Different chefs have a different style of making food appealing to the diners /customers.


Example: You can see the unique styles of football stars. They mostly have their own unique style of playing. If you compare Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo you will find that Lionel won’t play like Cristiano because his playing style is different.

What are the advantages of having your own style or being ‘unique’ and being comfortable with owning your personality without trying to be someone else?


The first advantage is that people will become more relaxed when they are with you, because they will not have any fear that you are trying to be like them because you are being authentic. People who own their uniqueness excel in their own field because they work towards building their style and uniqueness and by and by, they become very good at whatever they are doing.


To sum it up, if you can accept your uniqueness and then work on it and highlight it, so it becomes your signature style, then you begin to be known for it. So, accept it that you are unique, do not get into the game of comparisons, rather, make progress by benchmarking yourself against who you were yesterday and become ‘More YOU” each day!